What is HercuList Plus?

For almost 20 years, HercuList has offered affordable internet marketing solutions to thousands of our members. Herculist sprung off of our original site, and one of the first e-mail marketing lists ever created (1998), Smart-list.com. HercuList has since been a favorite of internet marketers worldwide. We are now proud to launch HercuList PLUS, which offers the same great features as the original HercuList but includes many new game changing features and improvements.

As a HercuList member, you will be able to advertise your legal, non porn/adult material related website, system, program, product or service to a targeted audience of thousands of REAL people. Through our integrated email optin list, theZONE site surfing, and HercBlurb systems, HercuList PLUS takes email and internet marketing to the next level. HercuList also includes an optional affiliate program, so you can start earning extra income right away.


HercuList offers GOLD, PRO and Free membership options. PRO and GOLD memberships are purchased on either an auto billed monthly or yearly basis.

GOLD members can advertise to the entire database daily. PRO can advertise to the entire database every other day. Free members are allowed to advertise to 1000 random HercuList members daily at no cost.


HercuList Mailer: Send your email/web based ad to 373144 (GOLD membership) targeted REAL people daily.

theZONE: Surf in theZONE and receive almost instant traffic to your own website.

PRIME Ads: Get your actual website displayed at PRIME areas of the HercuList site. Much better than banner ads.

HercuBlurb: Create and submit your large web based ads to HercuBlurb.

Other Ad Services: Take your ads to the next level with our Solo Ad, Mega-Mail, Buyers List and i-BLAST services.


The HercuList Affiliate Program is a great way to earn additional income. You can earn up to 50% commissions (GOLD members) on all recurring monthly and yearly membership payments made by your referrals. You can also earn 50% commissions (regardless of membership level) on all solo ad packages purchased through your solo ad and Mega-Mail affiliate pages.


Members who joined HercuList after September 9, 2014 receive a $5.00 signup bonus.

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