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Please Enter the Email Address you want subscribed (The address you want to receive messages from other members at. A verification e-mail will be sent to that e-mail address, in which you will need to click on a link to activate your Herculist account. You may want to setup a seperate e-mail address for this. We do not recommend using a Yahoo or Hotmail address, because they tend to block a lot of e-mail marketing related e-mail. We do recommend Gmail, and you can setup a free Gmail account at Gmail. You can change this address at anytime in the members area).

  IMPORTANT: Herculist is a professional optin e-mail marketing system, and is meant for those who understand the importance of large, active lists. You will receive a lot of mail from other Herculist members!

If you do not receive the verification e-mail, please be sure any filters are turned off, or try another e-mail address such as a Gmail address.