Herculist Member Testimonials*
* These are real testimonials sent to us by real people. No one was paid or asked to submit these comments.
".....Yours is the "Only" one (safelist) that has proven to be helpful in the sales of my products for my business! That says a lot and I want to let you know that not only do you have a great list but a very responsive one also! I will make certain that I promote your service more diligently in the future. Thank you for a great service!"
After being a free member for quite a while, I finally got smart and upgraded to Gold. I am SO glad I did that! Not only am I able, now, to send to the entire HUGE list every day, but am also earning great commissions - paid to me whenever I want them! This is a "must-have" business for everyone's portfolio.
N. F.

"Thanks for the help, your customer service kicks butt!"
Herculist definitely has the best customer support on the net."
".....Thanks for you response so quickly... I am enjoying the list... keep up the good work.. "
"Hi, Thanks a bunch! I have to say the support at your list is Excellent. No matter what time I write you always seem to respond and fast. I hope more listowners will catch on! Do you ever sleep? Thanks again,
"......ONE of the best safelist?s on the net.."
"I will also take this time to thank you for a great service. I do enjoy using your service and will promote it heavily. "
"Well over one month has passed since I joined Herculist as a Gold Member and may I say it is great!"

"Thank you for the good service. Outstanding."